Oohh LaLa…So Scandalous


Summer 2017 is the time to let those shoulders breath and get rid of those sleeves. I have to say that Forever 21 is drastically updated their online store by adding web exclusives, collaborating with Monif C swimwear and updating the quality of their fabrics. The online store is so much better and includes less effort, than taking out the time and energy going into the store. When I first saw this dress, I was nervous of how the stripes would look on me. I am not typically a stripes girl, but this dress looked AMAZING on my skin tone. The belt assents the dress and when you tighten it on your waist, it gives your body a chance to show off your curves, which a lot of sun dresses do not hang close towards your body nor give a shape. I ordered this dress two weeks ago and it FINALLY arrived! But, when I went to attach the link to the item in my blog it was gone! I really hope that they bring it back in stock so all of you can rock this gorgeous dress also! In the meantime I will include some other similar and affordable, shirts and dresses, off the shoulder styles BELOW!!

1. Plus Size Maxi Skort Romper

Dddamn Gina! This dress gives me life! You guys should know from my previous posts how I am in love with a high slit! Floral patterns are also really popular this summer. This dress also includes the belt as an accent, such as the one I am wearing above! You can pair this with a pretty sandal or dress it up with a heel for a girls night out!



2.  Plus Size Off-the-Shoulder Top

This off the shoulder top reminds me of something that I would find in a boutique. The bow detailing at the bottom of sleeves is what makes this off the shoulder top unique. I am normally not into stripes, but this summer seems to be turning me into a whole different direction.

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 12.12.26 AM


3. Plus Size Off-the-Shoulder Dress

The ruche detailing in this dress is what makes this whole look work! I personally would pull my hair back into a low ponytail or bun and add a necklace that reached just above my breast bone, with the Damn Gina Lip gloss by Kylie Cosmetics.

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 12.19.10 AM


4. Plus Size Ruffle Flounce Shirt

The ruffling on this shirt is so pretty. There are so may details and layers designed into this shirt. From the ruffled detail, button up shirt, the bow tie, and cuffed, slit sleeves. I have been trying to tell you guys, that Forever21 is making a complete loop in their plus size division and it is shockingly impressive.



Music Inspiration: Phresh Out The Runway – Rhianna

Photographer: Ra’Mya Austin


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